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In this blog will be talking about acne and pimples and how to manage it.

Acne and pimples arrives in our lives when we are not properly cleaning our skin or not properly removing our makeup or sometimes it will be the hormonal issues.

When we do not clean our skin properly dirt or remaining makeup accumulate in our pores and block them resulting in acne or pimples.
There are many home made natural remedies that does the job by treating acne and pimples but it always take some time.

In the past 2 years I got pimples from no where. I tried everything possible but it gives me temporary relief. Then I get to know about this activated charcoal thing and saw everyone is going crazy about it like how it treat acne and removes excess oil and dirt from our skin. But I did'nt know where to buy from and where this thing is available.

Then I came across this amazing thing which I am really thankful that it took care of the acne side of my life. So now I am sharing this all with you guys because you are a beautiful part of Ashu talks family.

The co natural activated charcoal bar is an amazing soap that I used which helps me relieve my acne and after finishing the first bar my problem was reduced to half in less time. I would recommed this soap to everybody who have been going through this phase because it has done wonderful job on my face so you should also give it a try.

The soap bar cost 350 Rs and it will last for good 2 months.

You can order your activated charcoal bar on there facebook page

You can also order from there online shop


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